The perfect read if you want to have pigs at home

For the majority of people, pigs are something that live on farms, where they are bred for eating purposes.

However, that’s not been the case over the past decade – how often have we seen pictures of celebrities out and about, whilst carrying a micro-pig in their arms?

Keeping Pigs is an introductory guide is an essential read for all aspiring pig-keepers.

As part of the hugely popular Keeping Series, this book includes expert guidance on how to feed, house and breed healthy and happy pigs.

From introducing the many breeds to sourcing the perfect pig for you, this extensive guide encompasses all aspects of pig keeping, with advice on how to feed them, transport and even breed them.

The book is well designed, and there’s some fantastic photographs throughout, showcasing how cute our porcine pals can be. This is a handbook suitable for every potential pig-owner, from the pig-lover to the smallholder.

Keeping Pigs, by Jeremy Hobson and Phil Rant, published by D&C, £14.99.

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