Story of the Scottish Wildcat brought to book

Tracking the Highland Tiger is an eye-opening account of the tormented lives of Scottish Wildcats.

Taylor tells the story of how the beautiful animals used to live, in all their glory, compared to their lives now with numbers depleting rapidly.

Many of Scotland’s wild animals, from bears to wolves, have been driven to extinction – wildcats came very close to joining them.

Taylor follows the historical journey of the wildcat, and how we came to live in a time where we are striving to restore them to their former numbers in hopes that previous human actions do not prove fatal to the wildcat’s population.

This book is perfect for anyone wanting to learn the history behind why such beautiful beasts live in minimal numbers, and what is being done now to help return the native animals to the Scottish highlands.

Tracking the Highland Tiger traces the wildcats right back to the start of their journey into Scotland after the ice age, and takes us up to the present day.

Tracking the Highland Tiger – In Search of Scottish Wildcats by Marianne Taylor, published by Bloomsbury Publishing, £16.99

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