Living in a lighthouse is a novel experience

The Lighthouse Keepers is an inspirational and light-hearted novel that follows Max, an aspiring young musician.

The novel is set in the west coast of Scotland, making many of the places mentioned recognisable to local readers. Anderson is able to bring to life, with vivid descriptions, the enchanting music that Max creates drawing emotional responses from those reading.

Within the novel, there is an underlying message of self-belief as Max’s hopes and dreams for the future are able to be reflected into the readers own experiences.

The Lighthouse Keepers also has a fantasy element to it, adding an exciting and mysterious component. Many exciting and unexpected twists in the plot make this book one that is hard to put down, as you don’t know what to expect from each page.

Grahame Anderson has created a novel perfect for those looking for an enjoyable and optimistic read filled with magic and music bringing the experience to life; it is a book fit for all ages to enjoy and will find a warm place in your heart.

The Lighthouse Keepers, by Grahame Anderson, published by Blue Tao Publishing, £7.99.

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