Scotland’s capital shown literally in a different light

When people visit Scotland, something they always notice is the weather.

You can never quite guarantee that it will be the same two days in a row – look at the past week, for example – heavy rain and wind on Saturday, and Sunday was like a cool summer’s day.

This inclement weather has been captured in print in Edinburgh the Dreich – this is no showcase of the capital in the sunshine, as it highlights Auld Reekie when it’s overcast, damp and dull.

This book is a joy to behold, as Alan McCredie has gone around the city photographing things you wouldn’t normally expect to see in a work showcasing a major city – cars abandoned in a public park, a misspelt sign on a cafe, disused buildings covered in graffiti, concrete construction nightmares, and overgrown swing parks.

But that’s why this book works so well – it’s not a picture postcard perfect look at the city, it’s Edinburgh, for real, showing that beauty can be found in all forms.

Of course, there’s stunning shots of the skyline at night, and tourist hotspots you’ll recognise, but shown, quite literally, in an entirely different light.

A great read, with witty text accompanying each shot.

Edinburgh the Dreich, by Alan McCredie, published by Luath Press, £7.99.

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