Try these marshmallow toadstools at home

An ever-changing menu at Dornoch’s Links House means chef Jon-Paul Saint is always kept on his toes.

In October 2014, Saint took the reins at Links House kitchen. Since then he has implemented greater flexibility, changing the menu daily, with the restaurant receiving rave reviews.

‘I’ve really enjoyed putting my own spin on things,’ he says.

‘I want the food to be the sort of thing you would want to eat at home, comfortable country-style cooking, but with a really different take on it. So the food looks amazing, but it’s not ridiculously over the top.’
Scotland itself has a part to play. ‘We try to get local and fresh ingredients as much as possible,’ Jon-Paul explains.

‘There are a couple of little farms here that we use during the height of the summer season for salad leaves, and there is a little cottage nearby, Bumble Bee Cottage – they’ve got their own beehives and they grow all their own fruit and veg.

‘We’re lucky in Scotland. When there is a good season there’s an enormous array of stuff that you can get in. You don’t really think about it until you actually have it in front of you, and then you realise, wow, you can actually get all of this from right next door.’

This recipe originally appeared in our February 2016 edition.