Scots petrolhead wins electric Tesla worth £52,000

A self-confessed petrolhead from Aberdeenshire is making the switch to a top of the range electric car after winning a Tesla Model 3 Performance worth £52,000.

Mike Lynch, who also received £20,000 in cash, entered dream car competition, and admitted he played for the Tesla in a bid to be more ‘environmentally conscious’ after switching to an electric car in the last few months.

He was surprised with his win over the phone by BOTB presenter Christian Williams on Monday before being flown down to Windsor, Surrey, where he was put up in a 4-star hotel, before being shown his prize Tesla yesterday (Tuesday).

Up until recently Mike, who lives on an 11-acre rural smallholding in the rural village of Insch, had been driving a Range Rover V8, however in a bid to be more green recently switched to the BMW i3s electric car because Tesla was too far out of his price range.

The 48-year-old said: ‘This is an incredible car. Its performance matches that of most sports cars and it’s stacked with gadgets – and I’m a real gadget man.’

Mike works for an automation engineer for an oil company, developing solutions to help the company reduce its carbon footprint.

He added: ‘I work in reducing how much fuel we are using, so having won an electric car is quite fitting in that respect. The way I see it is we’ll all be driving around in electric cars soon enough, so it’s good to get one and get used to it – but this will be in style.’

Having first owned an off road motorbike at the age of seven, Mike has been hooked on all things motoring and motorsport ever since, going to watch the British Grand Prix at Silverstone on numerous occasions with his dad Allan.

He added: ‘The first thing I’ll do when I get the Tesla is drive it down to my parents in Edinburgh.

‘There’s no way I’d have been able to take the i3s as the charge wouldn’t last the journey, but the new Tesla will.’

BOTB presenter Christian Williams, who surprises winners weekly over the world, said he was thrilled to deliver Mike his dream car.

He added: ‘It’s a great car, and it’s pretty amazing we have been able to give it to someone like Mike who was already on board with the electric car revolution.

‘Mike really wanted the Tesla when he converted to electric and we’re glad to be able to give him the car that he desired.’

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