Hotel doing its bit for the environment

A simple product switch is set to dramatically cut plastic waste at an Edinburgh hotel.

By swapping individual L’Occitane bottles of shampoo, shower gel, conditioner and body lotion in favour of topped up large bottles, Nira Caledonia will save 400 cubic metres of plastic waste each year – enough to fill the load-space of 62 standard-size Ford Transits.

It comes after the 28-bedroom boutique hotel in Edinburgh’s New Town switched its Nespresso coffee pods (in every room) in favour of Cru Kafe – a brand that creates easily recyclable pods.

General manager Chris Lynch believes the small details can make a huge difference – and that all hotels must confront their environmental responsibilities.

He said: ‘We have to look at all aspects of running the hotel and see where we can make changes to improve our environmental impact.

‘Guests can still enjoy the exact same L’Occitane product, only now it is via a wall-mounted large bottle.

‘And as our guests tend to be experienced travellers who appreciate the highly individualised service and attention to detail that comes from an independent hotel, there should be no inconvenience at all.

‘I’d encourage all hotels to look at what they can do better to meet their responsibilities over plastic waste and the environment in general.’

Over the last 12 months, the luxury hotel had ordered 7440 35ml miniatures from the renowned French beauty and fragrance firm before switching to the larger 300ml pump dispensers

It is also the only hotel in Scotland to supply L’Occitane produce in every bedroom, rather than a select few, and stocks the Aromachologie range, one of the first formulations developed back in 1976.

Its public toilets use the Verveine hand soap and lotions – with all toiletries chosen after being extensively ‘road-tested’ by Nira’s own team and emerging as the clear favourites.

Nira Caledonia reopened its doors to the public just in time for summer 2018 following a £1.4 million intensive project to restore half of the hotel devastated by a fire in 2017.

Its location in Stockbridge’s Gloucester Place makes it ideal for city getaways, being just a short walk from Edinburgh’s main shopping district, Princes Street, as well as a host of attractions and historical landmarks.