Children given inspiration as they remember the sacrifices of World War I

Children given inspiration as they remember the sacrifices of World War I

Edinburgh Castle in partnership with WW100 hosted an event that aimed to inspire and inform children prior to the charity’s 2017/2018 arts, poetry and song competition.

Never Such Innocence was held on 7 December, with many Scottish schools and children’s groups in attendance, hosted by Major-General Riddell-Webster, the event discussed the roles of the Scottish Women’s Hospitals efforts during the First World War, the War in the Sky and the First World War generation, writes Olivia Dobson.

Children who attended the Never Such Innocence 2017/18 Roadshow held in the Great Hall at Edinburgh Castle

Prior to the event Uphall Primary School and Tollcross Primary School took part in at Songs of the Centenary (SOTC) workshop, writing songs inspired why the Wars in the Skies alongside Marty Longstaff and this was performed at the event.

Never Such Innocence, a national charity, aims to engage children of 9-16 years in the First World War centenary commemorations. This event marked the start of the charity’s Roadshow which will travel all over the UK, including Lossiemouth in Scotland on 7 February.

The Never Such Innocence 2017/18 Roadshow visited Edinburgh Castle, having been founded by Lady Lucy French

Lady Lucy French,founder of the charity and Great-Granddaughter of Field Marshall Sir John French is ‘overwhelmed with the Never Such Innocence Children throughout the last few years and cannot wait to see this year’s entries’.

Gary Ryan, director of the Remembrance and marketing for the Royal British Legion has said that they are: ‘pleased to be in partnership with Never Such Innocence to encourage young people from across the UK to mark the final year of the First World War Centenary in 2018.’

The poetry and art competition, which is free to enter, is open to everyone aged 9-16 and can be both entered individually and in

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