Grimmer than grim can be..

nickalexanderThis morning started with a text from Ayr stating that racing today had been abandoned due to an unforecast inch of overnight rain, luckily they let us know at about 6.20 so there was time to inform owners planning to attend before they had set off on their journeys, disappointing but conditions would have been a bit extreme and it will be in the better long term interests of both horses that today was called off; I will try to find an alternative engagement soon for our two intended runners, Northern Flame and Daasij as they both seem on particularly good form.  After an apallingly wet and windy end to last week it is unbelievable that today we have such grim conditions, heavy overnight rain turned to snow at dawn and has now turned back to freezing rain driven by a strong northerly wind, all ground surfaces are completely sodden, the horses hate it and the team of staff have to show great resilience to keep going back out into it.  It is tempting of course to say why not give the horses a day off and stick them on the walker but they did that yesterday (Sunday) and by giving them all 45 minutes of walking, trotting and cantering in the school (which is all we can do today), we are keeping them ticking over and will be able to work them properly as soon as the opportunity arises, as soon as you ease back off them you have to give them a little time to build up again or risk complications and I firmly believe that the effort put in on mornings like this will be rewarded with success later – but it really is tough for the troops and it is no coincidence that I have a quote on my desk for a roof for our round school which would give us a covered ride for next winter, it would make life easier on mornings like these and I will try to do it if I can put the funding together.


Northern Flame

Ah, the weather, a never-ending subject here, anyway… this week… if conditions allow we have Northern Flame in at  Carlisle on Wednesday, Seeking Power and Native Coll at Ayr on Saturday and most of the point-to-pointers in at Lanark on Sunday, time will tell what runs where.  I have just spoken to the surgeon that operated on Isla Pearl Fisher; his cast was taken off yesterday and he is very happy with him, he appears comfortable on the leg and can come home in a day or two… one or two minor things to be done to enhance prospects for a full recovery, so far things look pretty good so fingers crossed….  oh, and its now snowing heavily again… think we may have to admit defeat with 3rd lot…