Can anyone help?

blogarticlepageA Scottish Field reader from Toronto recently got in touch to ask for our help to track down a copy of an article that she thinks appeared in Scottish Field in 1935. It appears from the image (left) that the ’35’ top left refers to 1935 and the ‘413’, (top right) refers to the page number. In those days Scottish Field numbered its pages as an annual run on,  ie page 1 appeared as the first page in January, by June page numbers were in the 200’s and by December the page numbers were generally in the 400’s. Confusingly though some magazines were bi-monthly so page 413 may have been reached early on in 1935.

Having searched the archived magazines that we hold here 1935 is a missing year. We hold 1934 and 1937 but ’35 to ’36 are missing. Does anyone out there have any 1935 copies of Scottish Field with this page in?

Perhaps there’s one in the attic or your grandmother collected them – we’d love to find a copy so that we can send our Canadian reader a copy of the article that she’s trying to find.
If anyone can help you can email me on


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