Patrick and Astrid Honeybone learning all about food crimes
Patrick and Astrid Honeybone learning all about food crimes

The appliance of science appeals at the Experimentarium

Children are enjoying the mysteries of science during the second week of their Easter break.

The Experimentarium opened today, Monday, 9 April, and runs until Friday, 13 April, at Summerhall in Edinburgh.

The Experimentarium is part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival, which is celebrating its 30th year with a theme of Life, the Universe and Everything.

Powered by EDF Energy, the Experimentarium offers over 270 events in and around Edinburgh for people of all ages. The second week of the Festival opens with The Experimentarium at Summerhall, a room filled with interactive science for children to enjoy: everything from experimental games on how human language developed to using robots to perform a keyhole surgery.

Patrick and Astrid Honeybone learning all about food crimes

The Experimentarium’s events are on daily to drop in from 11am to 4pm and are open to all ages in Summerhall’s Main Hall.

There are individual exhibitions that are available for visitors to get involved in:

21st Century Brain (presented by Alzheimer’s Research UK) – Join Alzheimer’s Research UK to explore the brain, the most complex structure in the Universe and how it is affected in dementia, with a range of creative activities, virtual reality experiences and challenging brain games.

Creating Communication (presented by The University of Edinburgh) – Learn how experimental games can shed light on how human language evolved and shape a new language in virtual reality, or gesture your way to meaningful communication.

Vijay Gahleigh learning about Our Outdoors, part of the Experimentarium

Food Discovery Zone (presented by Food Standards Scotland) – Journey through our kitchen crime scene to explore the most common ‘kitchen crimes’ and see how bacteria can grow and spread through human connection.

Robot Assisted Surgery (presented by Heriot-Watt University) – Discover how robot assistants can help you perform keyhole surgery. You’ll find demonstrations and explanations to help you find out about what it feels like to be a surgeon. You’ll even have the chance to try out the laparoscopy training box, watching how robots can help make moving surgical instruments more accurate and precise.

Our Outdoors: How Healthy are Public Outdoor Spaces? (presented by British Heart Foundation Scotland) – Come get creative by building and becoming immersed in outdoor spaces. Become a citizen scientist and engage in learning about how the outdoor environments in which we share and spend time can impact our health.

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