J&B Rare making a festive, modern comeback

A famous Scotch whisky which was a favourite of America’s Rat Pack has created a special Christmas serve.

There has been a perception that traditional ‘masculine’ alcohol brands – particularly whisky – have alienated 50% of the market.

To combat this, J&B Rare, originated in the 1930s and highly popular among influential drinkers such as Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr and Dean Martin, is bringing the iconic brand to a new generation of customers – both female and men – who can experience a piece of the history.

And they have kicked off with a special Christmas serve, created by a bartender from Drake & Morgan’s The Parlour, called A Rare Discovery.

The unique cocktail creation is elegant in taste, with sweet aromas from peach purée, elderflower cordial, and exudes flavours of rich fruitiness and vanilla from the subtle yet full-bodied Scotch whisky.

A Rare Discovery – ingredients: 40ml J&B Rare; 10ml Kamm and Sons British Aperitif Bitters; 20ml Peach Purée; 10ml Elderflower cordial; 15ml Lemon Juice. (2 units per 50ml serve)

Shake all ingredients together and pour over cubed ice in a tumbler. Complete with a dehydrated lemon wheel.