A delicious Turkish pide recipe to bake

Our Veganuary recipes packed with flavour continue today with a filling Turkish pide.

Last week, and from now until Wednesday, we’re presenting recipes courtesy of four-time Sunday Times bestselling authors and co-creators of BOSH!, Henry Firth and Ian Theasby, who have sold more than one million copies of their plant-based cookbooks.

Since they launched the BOSH! platform over five years ago, they have excited more than half a billion people with their innovative, simple plant-based food creations, and they’ve garnered two billion views across their social platforms, as well as becoming the faces of ITV series Living on the Veg.

Their debut book, BOSH! was published back in 2018 and fast-became Sunday Times number one bestselling plant-based cookbook and the highest selling vegan cookbook of all time.

As well as their ever-growing popularity, their products are now stocked in all major UK supermarkets.

Their new book, BOSH! On A Budget is the ultimate money-saving, plant-based cookbook packed with over 80 incredible recipes that have already been enjoyed by so many during Veganuary.

Today, we present a recipe for a chunky mushroom Turkish pide.

Ian and Henry said: ‘Pide look like boat-shaped Turkish versions of pizza, their sides gathered up and pinched together to hold a thick layer of delicious filling. In this version, tender mushrooms and red peppers are coated in a smoky harissa sauce that’s perfumed with paprika, cumin and garlic.

‘The dough recipe could happily be rolled into a round and repurposed as a pizza base, just top with tomato sauce , dairy-free cheese and any other toppings you fancy and bake until crisp.’