Try this recipe for mocha parfait and toffee ice cream

Craig Millar’s @16 West End in St Monans has established itself a reputation for its quality seafood.

Craig said: ‘I think the emphasis is more on the quality of the produce rather than the amount of produce now, letting the food speak for itself.

‘That’s what we aim for here. There are three of us and it’s a 40-cover restaurant. You can’t be doing 20-odd ingredients per dish, so we keep it simpler and standards high.’

Seafood-biased, the menu evolves naturally with the seasons.

And when it comes to sampling fine foods himself, things have changed a little in the Millar household lately.

‘We do like to go to nice restaurants, but with two young children, we’ve kind of stopped looking for restaurants with Michelin stars and started looking for places with soft play areas,’ he laughs.

(This recipe was originally published in March 2016)