Enjoy a sweet treat with this delicious apple cake

This tasty desert was created by Anne and Jim Anderson, who run The Anderson restaurant and hotel in Fortrose on the Black Isle.

The couple upped sticks from their home in Philadelphia after Jim fell in love with the notion of owning a hotel in Scotland.

And while Anne is cooking up a storm in the kitchen, Jim is creating a little magic of his own in the bar, with the couple working together on the menus.

Ann said: ‘Food pairing is important to us and we regularly have wine or beer-tasting menus. Weirdly, we both had a moment when we had the same thought on the same day, although I was in Dublin and he was here – oysters with Islay whisky – which we loved!

‘Jim is also interested in terroir and beer and has been collaborating with a local brewery on beers that could only be made in the Black Isle.’

This un-iced apple cake has its origins in New York City’s Jewish immigrant neighbourhoods of the early 20th century. It is delicious with pouring cream, toffee sauce or vanilla ice-cream, or alongside a steaming mug of black coffee.