Bailey’s apple pie pancakes are the perfect treat

A stack of delicious Bailey’s Apple Pie Pancakes will have you wishing everyday was pancake day!

The Bottle Club have put together the best flippin’ pancake recipe we could come up with. Pun intended.

Bailey’s Irish Cream is a go-to for many boozy desserts and sweet treats. In fact, we can’t think of a single dessert that wouldn’t be made better with a drizzle of Bailey’s on top! This pancake recipe has an indulgent apple pie topping to serve with your pancakes as the finishing touch to your masterpiece.

We love this recipe for a sweet, boozy and unique way to celebrate Shrove Tuesday, or for a show-stopping brunch option whenever you have guests over.

So, if sweet and suitably boozy pancakes sound appealing to you, read ahead for all the info you need.