A delicious recipe from whisky and dining pairing

An award-winning whisky is showcasing the diversity of craft whisky through food pairings with independent restaurant Fhior.

The Tulli at The Table partnership showcased the diversity of the single malt whisky and explored non-traditional flavour pairings between the spirit and Edinburgh based restaurant.

The partnership between Fhior and Tullibardine started with the development of a tasting menu inspired by the Tullibardine Core Range and its latest expression, The Murray 2007.

Chef Patron at Fhior, Scott Smith and Master Distiller Keith Geddes, worked to design an exclusive tasting menu of seven courses boasting the best flavours of Scotland inspired by the history and modern practices of the distillery.

By experimenting with whisky in different forms, the menu was designed to encourage experimentation of whisky in food and communicate its quality, diversity and potential. From a sharp whisky emulsion in the Cask Strength paired with poached oysters, fermented mushroom juice and fresh cucumber to stewing seasonal fruit in the romantic flavours of The Murray Marsala in an apple, bramble, honey and oats dessert, the menu was expertly crafted at every point.

Keith said: ‘The partnership between Fhior and Tullibardine has been special to say the least. It’s a simple marriage that speaks so much louder than food pairings. The work from Scott and the team at Fhior has been exceptional – their contemporary dining experience and methods in the kitchen were a true reflection of the Tullibardine values, and what came was a menu like none other boasting the incredible flavours and qualities of our expressions.”

‘Tullibardine whisky is produced at a craft distillery and we pride ourselves on experimentation when it comes to creating exceptional whiskies. We really enjoyed working with the restaurant to continue our journey and show that whisky can be enjoyed in many different forms.’

Scott agreed: ‘Whisky is such a diverse spirit that really has no boundaries. Working with Tullibardine has been an opportunity to push flavours that perhaps people wouldn’t traditionally choose. We spent a lot of time designing dishes with a few surprises but also to balance and complement both the delicate and bold flavours from the expressions. We wanted to make sure the whisky was at the heart of each dish and enhanced each flavour on the plate.

‘Fhior’s concept is based on using local, seasonal and quite simply true flavours without pretension and that’s exactly what the menu was. I enjoyed creating simple and clean dishes to showcase this spirit in the best was possible and hopefully those enjoying a dram at home can enjoy the dishes too.’

Fhior and Tullibardine have released four refreshed recipes that can be made in the comfort of your own home to entertain and impress guests that include dishes laced with caviar and a dessert that marries the tartness of a bramble with the mellow delights of a yoghurt ice-cream.

We share the first of these today.