A brunch salad – with a coffee dressing

A Glencaple shop and café have worked with a Scottish coffee blender and roaster to create their own unique blend – and now they’re using it in a salad!

Denyse Boyle, the manager of The Boathouse in Glencaple since August 2019, together with chef and co-manager Alanna Rogerson, helped create the special blend, currently available in the repository of online coffee company, Blendly.

Called simply The Boathouse Blend, a mix of Brazilian Santos Beans, together with Guatemala Hue Hue beans, it can be purchased by ‘at home’ customers wanting to recreate the coffee shop experience in their own kitchens, or even by other coffee shops, cafes and restaurants keen to tap into a ready to go popular blend.

Denyse spent 15 years working for one of the nation’s favourite coffee brands, fulfilling the roles of both store manager, and brand excellence coach, so she certainly knows her coffee.

Chef Alanna meanwhile, has found that she can utilise the coffee in dishes too, not just in hot drinks.

Denyse said: ‘The most popular parts of our menu are breakfast, and salads. We’re very lucky to enjoy custom early in the day.’

Alanna explained that she had incorporated her Boathouse Blend into a salad dressing: ‘We’re really excited about it. I have taste tested it myself and I think it works really well. I can’t wait to see what my customers think. They already love the coffee which is used in a range of hot drinks, whilst in the summer, we serve cold coffees too.

‘It is something special to have your own bespoke blend for your business,” finished Denyse. “We want to share and promote the provenance and sustainability of the ingredients we use, so the fact we can extend this to our coffee is a real selling point.’

Mark Wilson, Blendly’s managing director said: ‘As a fully digital, one stop shop, using Blendly is the way to build coffee sales as we come out of this pandemic. We wish Denyse and Allana well with the menu and the business in general.’

Find out more at www.theboathouseglencaple.com and www.blendly.co.uk.