Marc Jennings and his comedy show 'Getting Going' is one not to be missed.
Marc Jennings and his comedy show 'Getting Going' is one not to be missed.

Fringe: Marc Jennings’ show is Glaswegian wit at its best

Why it has taken me a whole 21 years (that I’m admitting to) to see a Fringe show, I have no reasonable explanation.

But having chatted with seasoned Festival goers, it seems that selecting a comedy show is akin to opening a bag of Revels – you pick a handful, try each one, and pray you’ve not just carelessly bitten into a coffee-flavoured chocolate that you’ll regret for the next half hour.

Thankfully, my first ever Fringe experience was a toffee-flavoured Revel – the best of the bunch. An evening with upcoming Scottish comedian Marc Jennings, with his show ‘Getting Going’, was a wonderful choice.

Aside from his Scottish quirks which immediately appeal to my rather dry sense of humour, his storytelling had me – and the rest of the room – in stitches from start to finish.

Marc Jennings and his comedy show ‘Getting Going’ has been a hit at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe.

Covering all ‘hings’ love-related, including Tinder trouble and awkward encounters at the Boots pharmacy counter, Marc’s sharp observational wit is relatable not just for us Scots, but also for the international visitors here to enjoy the Fringe. Transforming his own everyday grievances with the world into entertaining tales, his approach is refreshingly open and honest.

Dedicating an entire section to the struggles of living at home, and another to working in a call centre – the dress code and comfort breaks each posing their own unique difficulties – it truly is Glaswegian wit at its best. The English literature graduate has his timing to perfection and delivers punchlines with a glint in his eye. Each of his stories blend seamlessly into the next.

Marc has already been cherry-picked as one of the best upcoming talents in the comedy sphere, having been nominated for the best new comedian at the Scottish Variety Awards, as well as making it to the finals for Scottish Comedian of the Year two years running. He was also part of the 2015 BBC New Comedy Award competition.

This new comedian on the scene is sure to be making his way out of the call centre for good, and his name will undoubtedly be popping up more frequently in the coming years. If you’re not looking to play Revel-style comedy roulette at this year’s Fringe, grab your tickets now for the last of Marc’s festival shows – this brilliant new talent will not disappoint.

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