Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Tape Face

Come see Tape Face, they said. We saw it when it first came to the Festival and it was brilliant, they said.

He must be exceptional because he won America’s Got Talent, they said.

Of course, they said all of that before we had been to see one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen.

Afterwards they said very different things. The friends who persuaded me to part with £17 to see an hour of excruciatingly low-brow nonsense said very little afterwards. But my fellow fleeced punters had plenty to say as we queued to get out.

‘I feel violated, raped of my hard-earned cash for that pish,’ one angry Irishman said to me. ‘I thought he was supposed to be good!’ said one of my pals, ‘but he wasn’t – he was very, very poor’. And so on, and so on, ad nauseum.

The bottom line is that if you’ve got £17 in your pocket, go and see something else; or maybe two something elses.

They say that a fool and his money are easily parted, but rarely have so many otherwise clever people been separated from their cash by a total fool.

Seriously, this is lowest-common-denominator crap that would be better suited to a six-year-old’s birthday party; don’t go.

· Venue: Pleasance Grand.

· Dates: Until 27 August, 9.40pm.

· Tickets: From £13.50/£12 concessions

· Box Office https://www.pleasance.co.uk/event/tape-face-show/performances

· Suitability: 12+

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