TorraMor: The innovators behind a new sustainable fashion brand

Alex and Jane Brewster have been nurturing the landscape at Rotmell Farm, just outside Dunkeld, in the heart of Highland Perthshire for many years. 

Rotmell dates back to the 1790’s and was built as a show farm by the Duchess of Atholl. 

Since its inception it has been a place of innovation and modernisation. While the building may be historic, the farming methods that are actively being implemented are at the forefront of modern Regenerative Agriculture.

Regenerative farming is at the core of the farm’s ethos, producing sustainable and nutritious produce while improving soil health and sequestering carbon. 

The farming team recently won Soil Farmer of the Year 2020 in recognition of their dedication to improving soil health and the production of nutritious foods. 

In 2021, Alex and Jane started a new outdoor clothing line called TorraMor.

‘TorraMor was developed because we just couldn’t find robust, sustainable and durable kit for our guys on the farm that was manufactured in the UK,’ Jane said.

‘We all know the Kiwi and Aussie kit is world-leading but it just didn’t sit right with us knowing the environmental impact of importing these goods to the UK to wear, we also were starting to find the manufacturing of these garments was no longer based in their native countries. 

‘We felt it extremely important to support the British Manufacturing industry where possible. 

‘Our guys can be out all day in the harshest of environments here in Highland Perthshire and it’s our duty of care to make sure they have the best kit available, so TorraMor was born.’

It’s a very exciting time for TorraMor, the brand has had huge recognition and incredible feedback from all walks of life, from farmers out moving livestock to gamekeepers out on the hills and to dog walkers just needing something reliable, durable, and comfortable. 

Currently they have a range of jackets, smocks and trousers with new colours launching in the Autumn.

They also have some exciting projects at the manufacturing stage involving Scottish Wool which will be manufactured in Scotland. 

TorraMor is launching two new products this winter using Scottish Wool

We are so proud of where TorraMor has come in such a short space of time, myself Jane and the team couldn’t be more excited about the future,’ Alex said. 

‘We are all about sustainability, and supporting UK manufacturing and to bring out 2 new products which are  being manufactured on our doorstep with more in the pipeline using Scottish wool is extremely exciting and very satisfying.’

TorraMor will be launching the new products and showcasing the existing products in Dunkeld in December with a pop-up shop at the Boathouse, Tay House on 2-3 December. 

All products are available to order online at www.torramor.com

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