Voxblock plays audiobooks without a screen

AN EDINBURGH couple has today launched Voxblock, a device for playing audiobooks without a screen.

Rebecca Lundgren and Tom Williams were inspired to create the machine after watching their daughter play Lundgren’s childhood audiobooks on an old cassette player.

‘‘Watching our own daughter listen to and love my old storybook cassettes was a revelation and we asked ourselves, why is she switching to these tapes over a screen?” explained Lundgren.

“We realised that the simplicity of the format was allowing her to become more engrossed in the story, without the distractions and stresses of getting connected and being on a screen.”

The pair has signed deals with major publishers – including Harper Collins, Hachette, and Scholastic – to record stories for Voxblock.

They range from classics such as Peter Pan and Robinson Crusoe through to contemporary tales by Malorie Blackman and Michael Morpurgo.

“Much like the growing appreciation the world now has for vinyl records or film cameras, there’s something very simple, intuitive and deeply satisfying about picking up a book,” added Lundgren.

“And for children, Voxblock offers that in an audiobook format they’ll love.

“Our little story ‘blocks’ sit on the bookshelf, to be collected, treasured, enjoyed and shared – and our player is perfect for family days out, travelling or just enjoying at home in a quiet corner.”

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