Soul Food Sisters serves nearly 1,000 meals in Glasgow

SOUL Food Sisters, a social enterprise in Glasgow, is set to serve almost 1,000 meals over Christmas to people in need in the city.

The organisation, which is run by migrant women with a passion for food, normally operates as a catering company and has run a café in the Gallowgate since 2018.

With orders drying up during the pandemic restrictions, supporters have donated time and money to keep the social enterprise afloat.

The first batch of meals was served at the Salvation Army’s Wallace of Campsie Lifehouse on Monday night.

Djamila Siagh, who is originally from Algeria, said: “Without regular income, this has been the most challenging time in Soul Food Sisters’ history.

“Our mission is to bring joy through food, to connect women and communities, and to support Glasgow’s migrant community – but we’ve really struggled to do this while facing cancelled contracts and repeated lockdowns.

“At one point, we didn’t think our organisation would make it to Christmas.

“But our community has come together to help us – buying meals, merchandise and volunteering to allow us to help the many more people who are lonely, ill, hungry homeless or jobless as a result of the pandemic.

“We are doing everything we can to help in this time of despair.”

She added: “We face more challenges in the New Year as our café, which is our main source of income, will once again close because of another lockdown.

“But we made it to Christmas and remain positive.

“We are working hard to find new ways to bring enough income to support those who need our help.”

Soul Food Sisters is accepting donations through a Crowdfunder page.

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