Simon Howie searches for more ‘R Burns’

BUTCHER Simon Howie has launched a quest to find more “R Burns” – or get people to change their names on social media.

The Perthshire entrepreneur is giving people with the initial “R” and the surname “Burns” the chance to win one of 100 haggis hampers.

He’s also allowing other people to enter his competition – as long as they change their name to “R Burns” on their Facebook or Instagram accounts.

“We want to inject some fun into January, which is for many, a mundane month due to the Christmas come-down,” explained Howie.

“However, for Scots and those partial to a haggis supper, January is more than a long month of no daylight and no money.

“January, for the haggis crew builds to a night of iconic poetry and wonderful food and drink as we celebrate Burns Night and – as the UKs number one haggis brand – we love to mark the occasion in quirky and fun ways.”

He added: “This year, we’re paying homage to Robert Burns himself, creating a clan like never before.

“With 100 special haggis hampers that cannot be bought up for grabs, we’re looking forward to seeing how many get involved by pledging allegiance on their social media accounts.”

Brands including Irn Bru, Mash Direct, Mrs Tillys, Orkney Cheese, Nairn’s, and Walkers have also added items to Howie’s haggis hampers.

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