Prince William’s photographer snaps Knoydart residents

PORTRAITS of Knoydart residents have been taken by the photographer behind the Duke and Duchess of Rothesay’s latest family images.

Matt Porteous took the portrait for last year’s royal Christmas card.

Now, he’s taken pictures of people living and working on Knoydart – using a mobile phone strapped to a drone.

Porteous used a satellite link to guide local people through the composition of the portraits while he was in his studio, more than 500 miles away.

“This was the most challenging test because I’ve never before led a portrait session using a smartphone, much less one that is soaring through the air while I’m hundreds of miles away,” explained Porteous.

“The residents of Knoydart have incredible stories to tell – from Jayne Eddie, the Western Isle Cruises skipper, to Finlay Greig, the local ranger.”

Residents who took part in the project included ranger Finlay Greig, Western Isles Cruises skipper Jayne Eadie, and Rebecca Rutherford, who runs the lodges and dining room at Doune Knoydart.

Mobile phone company OnePlus developed its latest model with Hasselblad, the Swedish lens maker that supplied the first camera used on the Moon.

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Knoydart - Jayne Eddie, Skipper at Western Isle Cruises

Jayne Eddie, skipper at Western Isle Cruises

Rebecca Rutherford, owner of Doune Knoydart

Rebecca Rutherford, owner of Doune Knoydart

Finlay Greig, Knoydart ranger

Finlay Greig, Knoydart ranger