Bonnie & Wild hosts landscape photographs

THE Scottish landscape photographer of the year exhibition has opened at the Bonnie & Wild food court within Edinburgh’s £1 billion St James Quarter shopping centre.

Almost 200 images from nearly 100 photographers are on display in the show.

Now in its eight year, the competition’s top prize went to Isabella Hillhouse, whose portfolio of three images – entitled “Holy Stones”, “Talisker Bay”, and “Calm” – won the highest score from judges.

Stuart Low the contest’s founder, said: “These awards aim to reward the talents of the many great photographers who practise photography in Scotland, while also raising awareness of Scotland’s natural heritage and promoting conservation of our landscape.

“The awards, and this exhibition, showcase the beauty and diversity of the Scottish landscape, its coasts, islands and towns and cities, in a collection of beautiful images.

“I love that, through this partnership with Bonnie & Wild, we’re bringing these awards to a far greater audience.

“We’ve now opened our ninth awards and I hope this new exhibition will encourage more people to take part, with only a few weeks left for people to enter.”

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