Peter Capaldi narrates ‘Riverwoods’ tonight on 5Select

THE relationship between Scotland’s fish and forests will be explored tonight in Riverwoods, a documentary on 5Select narrated by actor Peter Capaldi.

Riverwoods, which took three years to produce, was made by Mat Larkin, head of filmmaking at Scotland: The Big Picture.

“Over many centuries, the loss of natural woodlands alongside rivers has profoundly changed their ability to support the salmon runs that once flourished,” explained Scotland: The Big Picture.

“Today, many of Scotland’s rivers flow through bare, treeless glens, reflecting the ecological decline that we have come to accept as normal.

“Within those rivers, the king of fish is in crisis – Atlantic salmon rely on cold, clean water and are susceptible to pollution, abstraction and rising river temperatures due in part to a lack of river woodlands that would once have shaded and nourished our rivers.

“Restoring a rich mosaic of woodland habitats to Scotland’s river catchments is a vital step in providing food and sanctuary to young salmon, giving them the best chance of migrating to the sea before returning as titanic adults to their natal river to give life to the next generation.”

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