Nature inspires Borders Art Fair

TWO dozen new exhibitors are taking part in this weekend’s Borders Art Fair.

Eleven of the first-time exhibitors are Borders-based and include printmaker and painter Emma Jones, ceramicist Belinda Glennon, and mixed media illustrator and artist Sara Rhys.

Jones, who lives in Chirnside, said: “We take a lot from nature but often feel we are not part of it.

“Something you realise in a beautiful part of the world like the Borders, when you are running through the woods or swimming in the sea, is that you are as much a part of nature as the trees and the oceans themselves.”

Rhys, from Duns, said: “I will be showing a selection of small sketches from a project I’m developing, depicting the 70 birds currently registered as critically endangered in the UK and some paintings.

“My work is generally rooted in nature, and often has a touch of the absurd, rather like me.”

Glennon, from Stow, added: “All my work is inspired by Harris, the beauty of its coasts and seascapes.

“It was where my grandparents lived and we used to go there for our summer holidays – I have such fond memories of people’s warmth and the culture.”

More than 70 artists, makers, and galleries will be showing works ranging from landscape, wildlife, and portrait paintings through to animal sculptures, botanical castings, ceramics, and stone carvings.

The fair begins on Friday at the Borders Events Centre in Kelso and runs through until Sunday.

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