Kevin McKidd ‘gets the band back together’ for charity

TELEVISION hunk Kevin McKidd’s Speyisde Sessions Band of musicians and singers has recorded a single during the lockdown to raise cash for two charities.

Money from the sale of Leave A Light On is going to The Trussell Trust food bank operator and Help Musicians UK.

The Grey’s Anatomy star duetted on the track with Northern Irish singer Mairead Carlin.

The song was written by McKidd’s friend, James Reid, and arranged by Carlin’s husband, Ronan Scolard.

McKidd and Reid became friends in Elgin and had previously recorded an album with the Speyside Sessions Band in 2012.

Following a conversation with River City actor Iain Robertson, they decided to record the single.

Speyside Sessions recording together while apart

McKidd said: “I had been looking for an excuse to get the old Speyside Sessions Band back together.

“It has been such a great experience.

“James has done a great job with writing Leave a Light On, and he and Ronan had an uphill struggle to mix and produce this song with all the quarantine restrictions and everyone being apart, but they did it brilliantly.

“It was Iain Robertson’s idea to raise money for the Trussell Trust and support all of the food banks across the UK – I hate to give the wee man credit of any kind in case it goes to his already big heid, but in this case he was dead on and has helped immensely with the whole project.

“Then when we got Mairead on board, she suggested that we help raise money for Help Musicians UK – another brilliant idea.

“She has been amazing to collaborate with and so talented – we are so lucky to have her on this single.”

Ronan Scolard, Mairead Carlin and Iain Robertson

He added: “If ever there was a time that we need music, it’s now.

“I am very proud of the track and it has been a real honour to sing with Mairead and all of the old Speyside bunch again.”

Watch the video on Youtube and download the track.

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