Highland food producers gather for online discussion

A SECOND online panel discussion organised by the newly-launched Highland Food & Drink Club (HFDC) is due to take place on Thursday at 2pm on Zoom.

John Murray, who launched the HFDC in April, said this week’s session for Highland food producers will include a look at new markets, shopping trends and recovery planning.

This week’s panellists are: Jamie Buchanan, membership consultant at the Scottish Grocers’ Federation; Tom Fender, development director at The Wholesale Company; and Antony Begley, editor of Scottish Local Retailer magazine.

Last week’s panel session focussed on the food services industry and attracted 20 participants.

Panellists last week included: Mac & Wild restaurants founder Andy Waugh; Norman Macdonald, owner of Cafe 1 in Inverness; and Ken Loades, operations director at Cru Holdings.

Murray said: “It’s in times like these that we have to show courage and confidence that we will get through – we have to lead the way and come together to remain positive.

“Recently I have seen many leaders pivoting and showcasing true Highland spirit and completely changing their service offering to not only survive but to support the local consumer.

“Our session panellists showcase how agile you can be if you are open to change – they have been very innovative throughout lockdown with their individual businesses providing home delivered meals, cocktail delivery and preparing meals from recipe boxes, which all in turn keep their own spirits high as they feel like they are making a difference.”

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