Glasgow’s sense of fun inspires new gin

A new gin echoing Glasgow’s sense of humour has been launched.

Gleann Mόr Spirits has launched Glasgow Gin – the second expression in its geographical gin range, following the launch of Leith Gin in July.

The design of the bottle is inspired by the iconic Glasgow image of the Duke of Wellington, complete with a traffic cone on his head.

Brand founder Karin Mair said: ‘Glasgow Gin has a personality all of its own, it’s fun and playful, echoing the famous Glaswegian sense of humour.

Glasgow Gin’s bottle features the statue of the Duke of Wellington. wearing a traffic cone

‘We wanted to create a modern gin that is full of flavour, but at the same time, subtle enough to be enjoyed with tonic, and provide a fantastic cocktail ingredient.’

Described as a ‘light, fresh and fruity’ gin, the expression is offered as a ‘fun’ twist on the traditional juniper heavy gins.

Glasgow Gin is a quadruple-distillled pure grain spirit, made from 100 per cent wheat, redistilled using 10 botanicals.

Leith Gin was named after the area of Edinburgh in which Gleann Mór Spirits’s warehouse is based.