First whisky from organic distillery

ORGANIC distillery Nc’nean launches its maiden whisky this morning, becoming the first British spirit to be sold in recycled clear glass bottles.

The distillery, which is located on the Morvern peninsula, is powered by renewable energy.

Nc’nean’s single malt was made using organic Scottish barley and was aged for three years in a mix of bourbon barrels and shaved, toasted and re-charred (STR) red wine casks.

The company set a record last month when its first bottle was auctioned for £41,004.

Annabel Thomas, founder of Nc’nean, said: “When I left my London job to found Nc’nean in 2013, I wanted to create a distillery that would be known for creativity and would lead the way in sustainability.

“At the time, 2020 seemed impossibly far away, and we’ve overcome so many hurdles on the journey so far, but I am incredibly excited to have reached this point.

“But, more than that, I feel the quality and taste of our first whisky proves that a focus on the excellence of the spirit with careful sourcing of barley and yeast, and a slow and gentle fermentation and distillation, creates a whisky that is both delicious and sustainable.

“I’m incredibly proud of the whisky we are releasing.”

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