Fife kids get ‘Fish in the Classroom’

PUPILS in Fife have been learning about the River Leven thanks to a project called “Fish in the Classroom”.

The children have been looking after brown trout eggs in school until they hatch and develop before releasing the baby fish into their local river, the Leven.

Coaltown of Balgonie, Coaltown of Wemyss, and East Wemyss primary schools have been been involved in the project.

Amy Fergusson, senior ecologist and project officer with the Forth Rivers Trust, which has worked on the scheme, said: “The ‘Fish in the Classroom’ project is all about engaging with pupils and schools around our rivers.

“We come into schools with a tank and all the resources the school will need along with some little brown trout eggs that the pupils can rear in class.

“We teach the children all about rivers and river health and, as it’s an interactive experience, it’s more memorable for them.”

She added: “For us it’s about educating the next generation of pupils about river health, conservation, fish species and how they can be impacted by human interaction.

“It instils a sense of ownership and stewardship in them. They live here and we want to encourage them to go down to enjoy their local river and to look after it.”

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