Credit: Rachel Bolton.
Credit: Rachel Bolton.

Faces of Edinburgh: We find out what people love about the Scottish capital

‘This is a city of shifting light, of changing skies, of sudden vistas. A city so beautiful it breaks the heart again and again,’ Alexander McCall Smith.

Photographer Rachel Bolton turns the camera on the people of Edinburgh to find out why they love our nation’s capital.



‘It may be cliché but there’s something great about Arthur’s Seat – whether it’s with family or friends, it’s a great walk with some unreal views. It’s something I aim to do throughout the year as it can be different every time, depending on season and weather. Many people have already seen it but being at the top of Arthur’s Seat as the sun is setting is something I think everyone in Edinburgh or anyone visiting should see. Nothing blocking your view of the sky (praying it’s not too cloudy) and seeing the orange flood the sky is a view worth trekking to the top for.’





‘Sitting on a bench in the meadows with a really good coffee. There is a coffee shop called Little Fitzroy down on Easter Road. I kind of don’t want to tell people and make it really popular but it’s so good. It’s all the way across town so I cycle there. Edinburgh is a really great city to cycle round because it’s quite small and there’s tiny little pockets of community everywhere you go.’



‘The buildings, and their architecture.’



I love all of the green spaces. I really love the Meadows and I live near Harrison Park in Saughton. I need that mindfulness connection.’


Emir and Nazila 

‘For me, the old buildings are my favourite – I really like walking around them all. Drinking beer in the old buildings.’



‘The place is really natural – with the plants and the trees, there is so much nature.’


Siobhan and Matthias

‘My favourite thing about Edinburgh so far is probably the pubs to be honest, there are good pubs,’ Siobhan ‘I really like the Almond River,’ Matthias



Heleen and Marlon 

‘It’s just a really friendly city – a really nice spot with a great atmosphere,’ Heleen ‘In Holland, there are a lot of new things around, but Edinburgh has lots of really nice, old-style buildings everywhere,’ Marlon


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