Dhoom helps Peacocks in Pittencrieff Park

DHOOM Indian Steatery & Bar in Dunfermline has donated £1,000 Peacocks in Pittencrieff Park, the community group that looks after the peacocks.

Chef-proprietor Dhaneshwar Prasad said: “The Glen is one of Scotland’s outstanding heritage parks, with the peacocks a huge draw in attracting families and all sorts of visitors to the town.

“It’s a tranquil place where we can all come together and enjoy a day out.

“When we found out that the hard working team that keep the peacocks safe and look after them 24/7 were struggling financially, we wanted to help.

“It costs them £100 a week just to feed the birds.

“This is a small contribution from the Dhoom family, and we only wish it was more.

“We will keep supporting them, and our local community in the future, as Dunfermline, and its people, are part of our community and family.”

Dhoom’s previous charity work has included donating more than 200 free meals to frontline workers during the coronavirus pandemic, and partnerships with organisations including Carnegie DoJo.

Caryln Cane, lead peafowl warden, added: “We are very grateful to Prasad and his lovely family for this very generous donation, which covers ten weeks of feed for the peafowls, or can be put towards other costs.

“Prasad has fed us for free on occasion too, and has also donated some of his stunning wall hangings, which come from India and can be seen in Dhoom, for us to display on the walls of the aviary – they have really brightened the place up.

“Peacocks are of Indian heritage, and Prasad has told us how much they mean to him, and how much he enjoys free time in The Glen.

“We really appreciate all his unending support, what a credit to Dunfermline he is.”

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