Cask 88 marks Sir Walter Scott’s 250th anniversary

WHISKY bottler Cask 88 is commemorating Sir Walter Scott by today unveiling a collection of four special bottles.

Each bottle is named after a phrase made famous by Scott.

The company took a cask of 19-year-old Ben Nevis single malt and split it between four smaller casks for finishing.

“Lock, Stock and Barrel” was finished in an oloroso sherry octave, “Savoir Faire” spent time in a red wine firkin, “The Apple of My Eye” completed its aging in a virgin oak firkin, and “Tongue in Cheek” matured in a pedro ximénez sherry octave.

The 50 sets of four bottles go on sale on Friday, priced £995, with a waiting list opening today on World Whisky Day.

Scott is credited with introducing King George IV to whisky during his infamous visit to Edinburgh in 1822.

The following year, the UK Parliament passed an excise act, which led to many illegal distilleries applying for licences.

The novelist also promoted whisky as part of his romanticised vision of the Highlands, both in his books and at his legendary dinner parties.

Martin Daraz, managing director at Cask 88, said: “With this unique collection, our head of whisky, James Zorab, has outdone himself.

“The four bottles offer a rare opportunity to really savour the effect different cask finishes have on the flavour and texture of one single malt.

“It is a true honour for our company to celebrate the legacy of Sir Walter Scott and I can think of no more fitting tribute than releasing not one but four excellent whiskies that he would no doubt have enjoyed himself.”

Sam Laing, Cask 88’s head of content, added: “Sir Walter wrote so convincingly about the joys of the Highlands because he genuinely felt that himself.

“When he entertained at his home, his parties included pipers, Scottish foods, and quaichs brimming with malt whisky.

“Even in private seclusion, he’d take a whisky toddy before bed.

“Here was a man who loved whisky and everything it represented.”

Cask 88 is one of the partners for Walter Scott 250, a programme of celebrations organised by The Abbotsford Trust, which maintains the writer’s former residence at Melrose.

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