Bid to uncover Churchill’s untold Scots connections

THE International Churchill Society (ICS) wants to hear untold stories about Sir Winston Churchill’s connections with Scotland.

The society has highlighted many of the Second World War leader’s well-known links to Scotland in the latest issue of its journal, Finest Hour.

Those connections include his service in the 6th Battalion of the Royal Scots Fusiliers on the Western Front in 1916, where his fellow officers included future Scottish National Party leader Andrew Dewar Gibb and future Liberal Party leader Archibald Sinclair.

The ICS has also pointed to Churchill’s representation of Dundee in parliament from 1908 to 1922, and his marriage to Clementine Hozier, a granddaughter of the 10th Earl of Airlie.

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who wrote the foreword to the latest issue of the society’s journal, said: “So much has been written about every aspect of Winston Churchill’s life that it is surprising that one important area – his relationship with Scotland – has commanded so little attention.

“That is why this set of essays in Finest Hour must start to rectify this and rescues Churchill’s Scottish connections from the condescension of posterity.”

David Freeman, editor of Finest Hour, said: “There’s a compelling case that England’s greatest Englishman should also be a celebrated hero in Scotland.

“The connections are innumerable and substantial, and we’re thrilled to be among the first to bring these together formally.

“If you’re sitting with old photos or other memorabilia from one of his many trips to Scotland, please get in touch.”

Allen Packwood, director of the Churchill Archives, added: “Churchill is often thought of and referred to as a quintessentially English figure, but this overlooks a multitude of Scottish connections.

“I am certain that there is new material awaiting discovery in attics and basements that will shed more light on his reception, connections and activities in Scotland.

“We’re delighted to start that process with our dedicated team of academics and enthusiasts, and this is a conversation that we’re delighted to begin with Scotland and, indeed, the world.”

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