Flavourly’s small batch originals

Drinks blogger James Robertson reviews the latest batch of craft beers from Flavourly.

ONLINE Edinburgh-based specialist Flavourly has launched a range of high-end small-batch craft beer created exclusively by some of the UK’s top breweries. The “Small Batch Originals” comprise six 440ml beers from Wiper & True, Brew By Numbers, Siren Craft Brewery, Tempest Brewing, Anspach & Hobday, and Wild Card Brewery. These beers build on Flavourly’s mission to showcase the very best of the UK brewing scene.

These inaugural beers are all India pale ales (IPAs) and are packed with vibrant, bold fruit and hoppy. Their alcohol by volume (ABV) is hefty too, but don’t be put off, as each beer is so well balanced that you don’t notice this at all. Then it also comes as no surprise that each IPA comes in its own eye-catching design.

Tempest Brewing – Parallel Dimensions 5.2% – this is a New Zealand hopped New England IPA that has a lovely citrus note to it, with a cracking hoppy backbone.

Anspach & Hobday – The New English IPA 5.5% – balanced stone fruit flavours with citrus and malty notes.

Brew By Numbers – 05 Sabro & Mosaic 6% – this abounds with tropical fruit flavours, pineapple to the fore, with a vibrant hoppy finish.

Siren Craft Brewery – Harness Your Hops 6% – there’s no way this IPA “harnesses its hops”! It’s double hopped and it shows, with loads of orange and mango notes to boot.

Wild Card Brewery – Helter Skelter 6.1% – classic citrus sweet hops and a touch of barley, with vanilla and a long hoppy finish.

Wiper & True – Simple Things 6.2% – finally, last but not least, an IPA that packs a punch with tropical stone fruit notes balanced with lovely hops – certainly not simple.

Available from as little as £3 per can delivered. For more information, visit www.flavourly.com/originals

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