Whimsical afternoon tea just in time for Mother’s Day

Tigerlily is perpetually ready for spring with its abundant floral and leafy décor.

And from now until mid-June, afternoon tea and cocktail enthusiasts wanting to indulge in a botanical setting can do so at their ROKU Gin Japanese Garden.

Afternoon tea at Tigerlily has been on my Edinburgh bucket list since I first visited Edinburgh in 2011, so I was delighted to be invited along to experience it in their Roku Garden along with their delightful new cocktails.

My guest and I were greeted by a lovely host who sat down with us to explain the menu. As we waited or our server, I snapped a few pictures of my friend sitting in the teal high-backed chair as she looked lovely framed by the faux cherry blossoms decorating the room.

If you put yuzu in any form on a menu, I will order it and their Fuji Mountain Swizzle containing Roku Gin, Asian Pear and Yuzu Sake – a fancy twist on the mojito – lived up to my expectations. Served in a highball class with plenty of ice and a sprig of mint, it wowed my tastebuds with its citrusy notes that paired well with the other fresh flavours. I would return for this cocktail alone.

My friend ordered the Momo Flower Cosmopolitan garnished with a violet. This was the booziest tasting of the three cocktails and that is not a critique. The Haku vodka blended well with the White Peach, Passionflower, Cranberry and Lemon Oil, so well that it my guest had to force herself to drink it slowly.

The third cocktail was the Sakura Blossom Spritz that delighted us its cloudy pink candy floss topping.

The Roku Gin, Cherry Blossom, Ume Plum, Yuzu & White Tea Soda cocktail served in a wine glass tasted sweet and sour like a pink Starburst and went down very easily.

The classic afternoon tea was lovely and very decently priced starting at £17.50 per person (goes up with the addition sparkling wine, cocktail or champagne).

It came with three sandwich options and a mini quiche for the savoury, a classic scone with thick clotted cream and jam, and several cakes and sweet treats that has my mouth watering just remembering—the strawberry profiterole and icing on the cupcake were both phenomenal.

We had an absolutely lovely time at Tiger Lily. Everything from the service, atmosphere, drinks and food were exceptional. I would happily take a friend or family back for a ROKU Gin Japanese Garden experience.

The ROKU gin Japanese Garden will be open until mid-June and will host an exciting line up of events and activities.

You can find out more on their website