Pickering's Gin Jolly

Pickering’s Gin is a story based on true friendship

Pickering’s Gin provides an unforgettable experience sharing the tale of how two friends and business partners, with backgrounds in engineering, furniture restoration and property renovation, went on to create a delectable variety of gins right in the heart of Edinburgh.

Upon its creation, Summerhall Distillery was the first exclusive gin distillery in Edinburgh for over 150 years. Built from scratch by hand by co-founders Matthew Gammell and Marcus Pickering, the distillery has an extraordinary and intriguing history which you learn all about while sipping on their delicious Pickering’s and tonic.

While you might think the company had been around for several years as it has already succeeded in being distributed around the globe in countries like the USA, Australia and New Zealand (to name a few) this multi-award-winning gin only came into being in 2013 and is now the number one distillery to visit in Edinburgh.

The story of the botanical engineers and all they have created is a fascinating one and the enthusiastic team at Pickering’s Gin share the story with real passion and finesse. The openness of the story means you can truly relate to Matt and Marcus and the journey they have been on to get to where they are now.

The tour guides at Summerhall Distillery share the story with such care that you believe it as if it were their own story to tell, with a real sense of family and kinship being prominent throughout the tour.

For a mere £10.00, you can be invited into the family to enjoy a gin and tonic on arrival, a tour with a detailed history of the distillery, Pickering’s gin and how it is made followed by a tutored tasting through the three gins within their core range. A unique experience which is definitely not to be missed.

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