Fringe: To entertain so well is certainly Le Coup

To be super rich would be a wonderful thing, to drift from private yacht and then to soar the heavens in private jets – how nice.

But what do you do to entertain your equally rich friends who have seen and done everything before? It’s obvious, you hire the troupe of Le Coup!

This production is set in the ever wonderful Spiegeltent, always hinting at the extraordinary.

The theme is a fight night between competing boxers, all acrobats. The production includes all the ingredients of a great party: humour, laughter, risk and a little bit of titillation.

The fight acts between competing boxers are better than seen on film, the crowd enticed to bay for their chosen hero.

If you ever wondered what the expression ‘Don’t put your daughter on the stage, Mrs Worthington’ means, this production will reveal all.

The female acrobats are twisted, turned and propelled from one, thankfully, safe pair of hands to another. I have seen a lot of acrobat acts before and they usually include a complicated manoeuvre of juggling balls.

One of this cast surpasses what I have seen before by juggling and manipulating a ten-pin bowling ball with the lightness of touch needed to arrange flowers. A very enjoyable show.

Le Coup, The Beauty, Underbelly Circus Hub, Underbelly, 6pm.

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