FRINGE REVIEW: “Ann Chun: Asian Divorce”

Ann Chun: Asian Divorce – Venue 16: Greenside @ Riddles Court – Clover Studio – 5.15pm

IMAGINE that you are living in a different country, and you travel home to visit your parents only to discover that one has moved out – next door. This was the case for New York-based comedian Ann Chun after visiting her parents in Thailand. Fed up with Ann’s father but unable to abandon him completely, her mother moved out and started unapologetically living her best single life only a few metres away.

After a break-up, Ann takes inspiration from her mother’s confidence and so began her “ho-rigin story”. With wry humour and sly smiles, Ann leads us on an adventure of her sexual escapades. She had her audience cackling at her droll honesty as she recounts her triumphs and mishaps – including an intercontinental hook-up-turned-relationship that ended after the Regé-Jean Page look-a-like unironically voiced his concern about potentially cheating on her.

Through Ann has invited us to laugh with her, there is a vulnerability to her storytelling as she shares her feelings regarding her relationship with her mother, cultural nuances both within and outwith this relationship, and how it has shaped relationships with others.

Asian Divorce is a genuine, funny, and intimate set showcasing both Ann’s prowess in storytelling and the ability to find humour in any circumstance.


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