An exploration of being human in a Fringe first

Introducing the first ever human/robot double act at the Fringe!

This is ETHOS. An Artificial Intelligence pursuing its program directive to determine what it is to be human – by watching a comedy show.

Award-winning writer, broadcaster and comedy performer (as well as an ex-corporate lawyer), Alice Fraser, explains art, sex, money, nuclear brinksmanship, the term ‘problematic’, conflict, kindness, class and cultural hypocrisy to a non-human intelligence. This is a silly, funny and smart show that explores what it is to be human. A show about the right word in the right place.

Intelligence – the next frontier. We have always been fascinated by the idea of non-human minds. From the Golem (the Jewish myth of a clay man animated by the name of God and created by Alice’s very own ancestors) to the prospect of computers able to think on a global scale and threaten civilisation. We strive to create minds and fear what we might create.

With her previous shows all receiving critical acclaim at festivals across the world, Alice has gone on to become a regular co-host on popular satirical podcast The Bugle.

She has written for ABC’s weekly comedy news show The Project and ABC Radio’s A Rational Fear, her debut stand-up special was broadcast as part of ABC Australia’s Next Gen series, and she recently appeared on the new BBC Radio 4 series Welcome To Wherever You Are.

Her conversational podcast Tea With Alice was awarded the 2016 AMP Tomorrow Fund grant and her new podcast Trollplay, featuring the worst of the internet and how to combat it, debuted on ABC Australia this April.

She is currently working on a new Channel 4 project with Oxford Scientific Films and has given a TEDx Talk about vanity in the face of death.

· Venue: Friesian- Underbelly Bristo Square, Teviot Place, EH8 9AG

· Time: 7:55pm

· Dates: Until Monday 27 August

· Prices: £11-£9.

· Tickets: 03333 444167 /

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