Roasted, griddled or barbequed - venison is rich in flavour.
Roasted, griddled or barbequed - venison is rich in flavour.

Wild venison: Healthy, sustainable and affordable

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Cowal provides some of the best deer stalking in Scotland. So it’s natural that hunter, estate manager, shooting guide and farm shop owner Joe Croot has turned his expertise to spreading the virtues of eating wild venison. 

‘In every metric you can think of, eating wild venison is superior as compared to a farmed product,’ said Joe. ‘And because we’ve made it cost effective, there’s just no reason not to eat it.’

Good for you and for the environment

When Joe hears pushback about eating venison, there are two main concerns that people tend to share.  

‘The first is that they’re afraid it tastes gamey,’ he said. ‘But it only tastes different because you’re used to beef. Like with any new food, it’s just a matter of trying it more often. For most people, even kids, they find they actually grow to like it as much, if not more.’

People might also be put off by the idea that the deer has been shot by a hunter. However, factory-farmed animals live their short lives in unnatural and distressing conditions.

‘A wild deer lives its best and most natural life in the forest,’ Joe explained. ‘It doesn’t know what was coming and there is no trauma. It doesn’t get loaded into a crowded truck to a slaughterhouse, undergoing stress to the very end.’

Choosing local wild game is also the most environmentally friendly way to include meat in your diet, according to Joe. 

Low calorie, high protein and locally sourced

‘The deer comes off the hill five miles from our larder and gets processed and packed on site. It comes from a natural environment, and it’s self-regenerating. It has almost no food miles or carbon footprint,’ he said. 

With more of us looking to include sustainable, local options on our menus, wild venison is an easy choice that’s good for the planet. But it’s also good for our health. 

‘There are no additives in venison,’ Joe shared. ‘It’s a natural animal that ate natural products. It’s leaner than beef with up to half the calories, and higher in iron and protein.’

Joe offers fresh and frozen venison in a variety of cuts, and is happy to share tips on how to prepare delicious dishes the whole family will love. Because he is involved in every stage of the operation, he can offer his products at an affordable price.

‘As I always say, venison doesn’t have to be dear,’ Joe said. ‘If you’re local to Cowal, just come by Croots Country Store in Dunoon. If not, you can contact us, and we’ll put a box together and post it out to you.’


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