Jules Scalbert The Crown of Roses.
Jules Scalbert The Crown of Roses.

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh to host UK premiere of new Fleurs de Villes exhibition

Alice Grundon looks ahead to this year’s Fleurs de Villes exhibition at Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. 


It has dazzled audiences in Sydney, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and Toronto. But the world-renowned Fleurs de Villes’ Artiste exhibition is returning to Edinburgh.

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh will host the UK premiere of the show which will feature 15 fresh floral mannequins and Allan Ramsay’s surviving portrait of Jacobite hero Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Poet Robert Burns, artist and playwright John Byrne, and legendary singer-songwriter Annie Lennox will receive floral homages in the show.

Architect and designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh and late fashion designer Alexander McQueen, whose ties to Scotland defined his ground-breaking career, will also be honoured.

Exhibition Voyage was held at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh last year and Karen Marshall, co-founder of Fleurs de Villes said she is looking forward to brining this year’s show back to the city.

‘At the heart of the Fleurs de Villes brand is a deep appreciation for art and a commitment to elevating floristry as an art form like none other,’ she said.

‘With this vision in mind, our new show Fleurs de Villes ARTISTE not only speaks to our origins, but also celebrates the universal love for the arts and their extraordinary capacity to bring people together and unite the world around us.

‘We couldn’t be more pleased to launch this show outside of North America for the first time in Edinburgh – a city renowned for inspiring artists for centuries.’

Artiste will take place in Edinburgh between 31 May and 9 June. Tickets are on sale now.

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