Inside the One20 Wine Café
Inside the One20 Wine Café

Up to 20 new jobs created as £1.7m wine cafe opens

The first phase of a £1.7million wine café and luxury food and wine boutique has launched in Edinburgh.

Creating 15-20 jobs, One20 Wine Café is a two phase £1.7m project to bring luxury wine and food at affordable prices to Edinburgh’s New Town.

Situated at 120 Dundas Street, it is serving a wide range of Continental wine, cheese, charcuterie, patisserie and light dining options at value for money prices.

The brainchild of Scottish father and son team, Ronnie and Kyle Reid, the wine café is a project that is very personal to them. It has taken several years of meticulous planning to reach opening day and the Reids are confident this is the perfect time.

Their research shows that tastes, expectations and demands in food and wine have been changing rapidly in Scotland and more people are now seeking out unusual, healthier, quality options and choices they can’t find in the likes of the supermarkets and food chains.

The Reids believe the increase in internet and TV programmes dedicated to quality food and drink and the rise in international travel, coupled with the increasing visibility of government-backed education programmes have succeeded in giving Scots the desire and ability to have a much more educated and demanding palate than previously.

One20 Wine Café is intended to appeal to these people and fill a gap in the market in Edinburgh.

The Reids have engaged main chef Andrea Bianco and sommelier, Giovanni Mariani, from Italy to give One20 Wine Café’s guests the authentic continental experience. Giovanni will be organising regular tasting evenings to introduce customers to the more than 250 wines available at One20 Wine Café.

One20 is the only place in Scotland to sell luxury Italian-roasted coffee, Caffe Galliano, and to complement the coffee, patisserie from world champion, Italian, Luigi Biasetto, will be hard to resist.

Kyle said: ‘If we don’t believe in it, we won’t sell it. We have travelled across Europe to source fantastic, quality products to sell at One20 and we are excited to bring them to Edinburgh. We buy straight from the producers and sell directly to our customers.

Inside the One20 Wine Café

‘This is a model that is unique in Edinburgh and helps us to ensure the quality of what we are selling, while being able to offer luxury items at affordable prices.’

Ronnie added: ‘We looked for several years to find exactly the right property in Edinburgh. Being able to buy outright, rather than rent this property in Dundas Street, meant we could design it exactly how we wanted. It was really important to us to be able to do that.’

Being located in a street of art galleries has also inspired the Reids to offer a more relaxed option for art lovers looking to buy a unique piece of art. The walls of One20 Wine Café are adorned with original artworks, all of which are available for purchase.

‘We are keen art lovers ourselves,’ said Ronnie. ‘I know I would enjoy buying a painting while relaxing over a glass of wine. I’m sure other people will too!’

Kyle added: “Our philosophy is all about quality and affordability. We hate to be ripped off and we won’t do that do our customers. We want people to come to One20 and have a wonderful experience involving quality food, wine, and even art, but one that doesn’t break the bank.’

The second phase of the project – a two storey luxury food and wine boutique, where people can purchase the quality produce they have sampled in the wine café to take home – is situated next door to One20 Wine Café and is expected to open before the end of the year.