UK Sausage Week Awards hunts best Scottish banger

The hunt for the best Scottish banger is on at this year’s UK Sausage Week Awards.

With the hopes of championing one of our nation’s culinary delights, the UK Sausage Week Awards, taking place from 28 October to 3 November, will crown butchers and retailers going the extra mile to deliver the perfect sausage to their consumers.

Quality Meat Scotland’s Scotch Butcher Club and the Scottish Craft Butchers will sponsor the Scottish Independent Butcher category looking for the best Scottish butchers who guarantee taste, quality and flavour in every sausage they sell.

Graeme Sharp, Scotch Butchers Club manager at Quality Meat Scotland said: ‘The humble sausage is one of our great foodie staples and is a product many of us turn to when we are in need of some comfort food. Sausages are delicious and versatile and ought to be celebrated, so we are thrilled to be supporting this year’s UK Sausage Week Awards, along with the Scottish Craft Butchers.

‘When it comes to sausages, using the best Specially Selected Pork, Scotch Beef PGI and Scotch Lamb PGI is one of the best ways to guarantee a high-quality product, so we always encourage consumers to look for the blue logos when shopping for their sausages.’

Gordon King, chief executive of Scottish Craft Butchers said: ‘Scottish Craft Butchers have a fantastic reputation for making the highest quality products. This is especially true when making sausages.

‘Butchers use their knowledge, experience and skill to manufacture sausages to meet the growing expectations of their customers, with many delicious varieties available.

‘With this in mind, we are delighted that along with the Scotch Butchers Club, we are sponsoring the Scottish Independent Butcher category at the UK Sausage Week Awards where our Independent Butchers will have the opportunity to present their best sausages for evaluation against the rest of the country.

‘It is an exciting challenge and one which we are sure the Scottish Craft Butchers will relish.’

The award winners will be announced on 28 November at an awards ceremony in London where TV celebrity chef Lesley Waters will be in attendance as UK Sausage Week’s 2019 ambassador.

UK Sausage Week encourages industry bodies to host sausage events, special promotions, new product launches, competitions and tastings to showcase one of the nation’s culinary delights.

For more information about the UK Sausage Week Awards including details on how to enter, go to Applications are currently open but will close on the 3rd of September.

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