Supermarket launches 19th beer festival

A supermarket has partnered with seven of Scotland’s top craft breweries to each showcase five of their best beers in its 19th annual in-store beer festival.

Launching in all 88 stores in Scotland from today (Thursday 3 October), Aldi shoppers can try the range of 35 hand-picked craft beers with prices starting at only £1.49 a bottle. The award-winning line-up includes brews recently crowned at the prestigious Scottish Beer Awards, such as Brewdog’s pale ale Vagabond and porter Zombie Cake.

Winning Scottish Brewery of the Year for the second time in a row, Edinburgh’s Stewart Brewing joins the line up alongside neighbouring Barney’s Beer, Stirling’s Fallen Brewery, Jedburgh’s Born In The Borders, Orkney Brewery and Isle of Skye Brewing Co.

Many of the beers featured in the line-up are only available exclusively from Aldi, including Born In The Borders Rebel Yell, Harvest Moon, Liquid Velvet and Wildside, Fallen Brewery’s Blackhouse, and Just the Ticket, plus Stewart Brewing’s Skeleton Blues and Not Your Buddy Guy, and Orkney Brewery’s Cliff Edge IPA.

Graham Nicolson, group buying director, Aldi Scotland said: ‘Our popular in-store Scottish Beer Festival is back and this time we have an extra special, award-winning line-up of hand selected beers from some of Scotland’s top craft breweries. From light and refreshing ales to decadent dessert beers, there is something to suit any palate in this line-up.

‘Scotland is home to over 100 craft breweries, all producing great quality beer. Aldi’s Scottish Beer Festival is a fantastic way to celebrate the very best of Scottish brewing, and we’re proud to support local brewers by showcasing the best of their craft beers to our customers.”

The 19th annual Scottish Beer Festival is the second in-store craft beer event of 2019, with the combined events generating sales of more than £280,000 for the breweries involved.

Kirsten Speirs, managing director of KDMedia, operators of the Scottish Beer Awards, addeed: ‘Since our inception four years ago, Aldi has been the headline sponsor of the Scottish Beer Awards and we’re incredibly proud to be supported by a supermarket that is so dedicated to the sector and to championing local breweries. Aldi’s in-store Scottish Beer Festival is the perfect time to discover the high-quality range of beers being developed by the forward-thinking breweries we have right here in Scotland.’

Full list of breweries and products featured in Aldi’s 19th annual Scottish Beer Festival:

Born In The Borders: Rebel Yell, £1.69 (500ml, 3.5% ABV); Harvest Moon, £1.69 (500ml, 4% ABV); Dark Horse, £1.69 (500ml, 4.5% ABV); Liquid Velvet, £1.69 (500ml, 4.5% ABV); Wildside, £1.69 (330ml, 4.8% ABV).

Fallen Brewery: Blackhorse, £1.69 (330ml, 5% ABV); Chew Chew, £1.79 (330ml, 6% ABV); Platform C, £1.79 (330ml, 6.3% ABV); Odyssey, £1.49 (330ml, 4.1% ABV); Just the Ticket, £1.49 (330ml, 4% ABV).

Brewdog: Dead Pony Club, £1.49 (330ml, 3.8% ABV); Elvis Juice, £1.49 (330ml, 6.5% ABV); Quench Quake, £1.49 (330ml, 4.6% ABV); Vagabond, £1.49 (330ml, 4.5% ABV); Zombie Cake, £4.99 (x4 330ml, 5% ABV).

Barney’s Beer: Red Rye, £1.49 (330ml, 4.5% ABV); Volcano, £1.59 (330ml, 5% ABV); Extra Pale, £1.49 (330ml, 4% ABV); Capital Porter, £1.69 (330ml, 5% ABV); Marshmallow, £1.79 (330ml, 7.5% ABV).

Orkney Brewery: Northern Light, £1.49 (500ml 4.5% ABV); Orkney Gold, £1.59 (500ml, 4.5% ABV); Cliff Edge IPA, £1.89 (500ml, 4.7% ABV); Dark Island, £1.49 (500ml, 4.6% ABV); Red MacGregor, £1.69 (500ml, 4% ABV).

Stewart Brewing: Franz, £1.49 (330ml, 4% ABV); Radical Road, £1.49 (330ml, 6.4% ABV); First World Problems £1.49 (330ml, 6.2% ABV); Skeleton Blues, £1.69 (330ml, 5.2% ABV); Not Your Buddy Guy, £1.79 (330ml, 6.8% ABV).

Isle of Skye Brewing: Tarasgeir, £1.69 (500ml, 4% ABV); Skye IPA, £1.69 (330ml, 5% ABV); Skye Craft Lager, £1.49 (330ml, 4.2% ABV); Skyelight, £1.49 (330ml, 3.8% ABV); Young Pretender, £1.69 (500ml, 3.85 ABV).

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Aldi opening its first store in Scotland and the 10th anniversary of the creation of its dedicated Scottish Buying Department.

The supermarket was recently crowned Scottish Sourcing Business of the Year at the Scotland Food & Drink Excellence Awards, recognised for its strong relationships with over 90 local suppliers and commitment to increasing its range of Scottish products from 400 to over 450 by the end of 2020.