Steak restaurant gives hamburgers a makeover

Glasgow’s hot new restaurant Chateau-X is enhancing its menu with a new weekly special available on Saturday & Sunday only.

Launching this Sunday (January 16), the team at Chateau-X will be delighting diners with its first special menu, which pays homage to the hamburger but with a twist.

This special menu includes two Wagyu Beef Burgers served on brioche buns, smothered in smoked cheddar & bacon, with piquant dill pickle
and a zesty house relish served with hand cut rooster fries all for only £30.

Meat lovers can enjoy a luxe take on the humble hamburger this weekend only and sample the delights of Wagyu beef, which is among the most sought-after and luxurious meats in the world.

Wagyu is renowned for its copious marbling, which creates a luxurious, buttery tenderness unlike any other cut of beef. The talented team of chefs are using the wagyu to create a sumptuous and flavour packed burger that they are confident will satisfy even the most picky meat eater.

Simeone Group’s chief creative officer Andy Temple said: ‘Chateau-X’s limited-time only Wagyu Beef Burger offers customers something indulgent for the weekend. A luxury, premium yet affordable addition to the menu this Saturday and Sunday with unbeatable succulent flavours and textures.#

Chateau-X burst onto the Glasgow dining scene in November last year with its unique Chateaubriand concept for only £30 serving two people.

The restaurant, which is founded by The Simeone Group – the innovators behind Six by Nico, wanted to elevate the ever popular steak dish with flavour packed sides which will change seasonally and make it affordable and appealing to the masses. The concept has captured the hearts and appetites of protein loving Glaswegians who since the restaurant launched only seven weeks ago.

The new Chateau-X special menu will run every Saturday and Sunday and is subject to availability.

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