Six new beers kick off the first North Sea Bridges project

A new annual collaboration project building on the ancient trading links between Scotland and Scandinavia has resulted in six new beers.

The beer world is an exciting place to be, with more brewers, more styles and more choice than ever before. The global explosion of beer festivals has helped forge brewing links around the world, and as friendships grow opportunities arise.

There are many reasons for our beer makers to collaborate with other brewers: marketing in new areas, learning new brewing techniques or even just as an excuse to hang out with pals and visit new places.

North Sea Bridges is a combination of all of these reasons; an annual collaboration project building on the ancient trading links between Scotland and Scandinavia.

Six of Scotland’s finest brewers (Black Isle, Fallen, Fierce, Fyne, Pilot and Six Degrees North) paired with six of Scandinavia’s best (Amundsen, Beerbliotek, Dry & Bitter, Dugges, Rocket and To Øl).

There are no plans, no gimmicks and no hooks, just six great beers brewed every year, this year in Scotland, next year in Scandinavia.

North Sea Bridges will showcase Scottish brewers in Scandinavia, England and Wales, and further enhance the reputations of our Scandinavian friends in the UK. This collaboration features 12 two distribution companies and one designer.

The 2018 North Sea Bridges beers were brewed across Scotland over the past two months and are now ready for release.

To mark the occasion, a series of parties are taking place. A set of each of the kegs are heading to each of the Scandinavians and in the UK a set will be on the bar at the following venues on Thursday, August 23.

In Scotland, these are:
Aberdeen – Fierce Bar – Also on the bar – To ØL; Aberdeen – 6 Degree North – Also on the bar – Amundsen; Edinburgh – 6 Degree North – Also on the bar – Amundsen; Edinburgh – Salt Horse Beer Shop & Bar – Also on the bar – Pilot and Dugges; Glasgow – 6 Degree North – Also on the bar – Rocket/Fyne Ales; Glasgow – Koelschip Yard – Also on the bar – Fallen & Beerbliotek; Inverness – Black Isle Bar – Also on the bar – Dry & Bitter.

England and Wales: Bristol – Small Bar; Cardiff – Tiny Rebel Bar
Leeds – North Bar; Liverpool – Dead Crafty Beer Company; London – The Rake; London – Five Miles; Manchester – Cafe Beermoth; Newcastle – The Free Trade Inn; Nottingham – Junkyard Bottleshop & Pourhouse.

The beers are also coming in six packs, presented in swanky printed boxes and they’ll be available in every good indie shop and bar which wants them from the week commencing August 27. These will also be on sale in limited quantities at each launch venue on the night.